Spirit Sanctuary

" A mountain oasis and retreat center.


                                                     Spirit Sanctuary

                                                   Bro. Linwood Slayton

It is 7:20 a.m.  The morning light has been with us for a while- the sounds of a new day are lyrical.  I sit
on a rear deck swing- just swinging slowly and just sittin'...

I am just sittin'-all is quiet here, yet there is much to hear, the sounds of wind chimes and of leaves
falling, of birds greeting one another and YES- the wind is silently caressingly whispering its way over
under around and through the magnificent foliage surrounding the big cabin-like house.

Wait, what's that I see?  The golden orange rusty red colors of the mid-October trees have suddenly
shouted. Hold On! Wait a minute- I feel good today too...

The early morning sun has hit the leaves with a burst of new life- the colors have awakened and are
stretching and saying: what a glorious day!!

There IS a spirit here.  There IS a sense of placid serenity present that has an insidious way of silently
insinuating itself into the very core of your being. Is it the fresh mountain air that also has a special
presence?  Is it the feeling that where I sit and where I walk- good people have also sat and walked
before me?  Is it the uncanny but ubiquitous sensation that the oasis is here for a reason?

It is now 8:20 on Saturday morning and the tantalizing aromas of a country breakfast are toying with
me.  There is something about the woods, fresh air, sunlight and a siren-like breeze that does tickle my
tastebuds. Oh yes, the recognizable scent of bacon, eggs, biscuits and coffee have an invigorating effect
on me this morning.

There IS a spirit present in this place of sanctuary. It is a serene sense of comfort akin to cuddling
intimately with your soulmate or smiling brightly just because you feel good..... It is similar to the way
you feel after soaking your tired, aching body in a hot tub and allowing the water to massage your pores
and cleanse your body. My soul is getting cleaner and cleaner.

So, here I am- just sittin' and basking in the special moment that is mine- allowing myself to commune
with nature and enjoy God's work- His legacy- His gift to us.

Sunday morning before daybreak is a quiet time of solitude. The brothers are asleep - snores galore: I
can't talk I'm told..

Walked up the mountain at first light- the morning was several shades of gray and brown and dark
green--the morning's colors were emerging just as life was awakening for a new day- on the mountain
There was a different but ever so special feel about me as I trod up the circular road twisting slowly but
surely up the hill.  At the top- the Sanctuary beckons- promising another opportunity to commune with
my spirit and to be enveloped by the presence of peace and serenity permeating circular black walnut
and oak walls of the cylindrical structure. The exterior of this building in the round is fortified with
rocks from the very mountain which provides the panoramic view of the WV countryside.

It is the inner view of The Sanctuary that captures one's soul and sparks one's palate.

The colors abound inside as well but these colors are spurts of comforting energy and self-
understanding.  Wave after wave of silent but deafening internal echoes abound. It feels like there has
been an inner spirit download- straight from the source- a downloading of good karma, comforting
balance and emotional wellness.

The visual imagery of powerful African, Egyptian and Indian figurines and statues in the round
strategically placed as if to ensure maximum exposure and protection. Even the soft and quiet light
seems to provide additional energy.

And then I rose from the low wooden hand carved chair- no mere chair but a throne in its own right and
which has been the place of repose for many before me who, like me, finally arose And stood a bit taller,
a bit wiser and a bit more relaxed.

Yes, the morning mountain is a peaceful oasis; truly a Spirit Sanctuary.